A pond is a small body of still water that supports a variety of freshwater life. Ponds can be purchased through the Pocket Pond games and may house koi, turtles, frogs, etc.

Pocket PondEdit

Players start off with a basic pond and a few lily pads. One can purchase a set of eight extra ponds for $0.99 through a special extension pack. The ponds may also include nature ambiance. The water reacts in splashes when touched.

Pocket Pond 2Edit

Ponds can be purchased with koins and credits through the "Pond Store". The price increases, as a new pond is bought. The ponds must be cleaned regularly in order to maintain pond life and to increase pond score. Filter may also be updated to hold more koi and to keep the pond cleaner for a more extended period of time. Players are also given the option of changing the ambiance by purchasing nature soundscapes for each individual pond.